Feature Film

Lies & Alibis

Lies & Alibis

Steve Coogan & Rebecca Romijn head an ensemble cast in this modern noir.

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Experience Design

Sephora Sensorium


Experience the magical art of perfume in a live, interactive installation.


Branded Content

Onward California

Onward California Stories - Steve Vogt

Documentary series featuring the real people who are reinventing the California dream.


Feature Film Content

Minority Report

The D4D - Minority Report Dream Sequences

The dream sequences for Steven Spielberg’s science fiction masterpiece.



Every Student Deserves a Great Teacher

A new project for Participant Media & Take Part took me back to school.


49 True Tales on The D4D TV

Excited to launch a new project over at The D4D. We’re calling it The D4D TV.

Promise for Education

Promise for Education

Promise for Education —a scholarship crowdfunding campaign— just wrapped up. Here’s some of the content we created to promote the platform.

OneScreen Shortlist

OneScreen Shortlist for Documentary

Two of our films are shortlisted for Best Documentary at the One Show’s OneScreen awards. This is particularly exciting since the films are a part of a larger initiative to promote higher education.


iHeartRadio Dynamic Media Wall

Just launched a new experience design project for iHeartRadio here in Los Angeles.

Food Film Festival

We’re Talking “True Food Porn”

A chat on Shoot Online: Dubbed “true food porn” by Food Film Fest’s director George Motz, the films were devoured by audiences in New York, Charleston and, most recently, Chicago.

Charlie Bamforth and A Pint

The Art & Science of Beer with The Pope of Foam

One of the highlights from Season 2 of Onward California was a day with Charlie “the Pope of Foam” Bamforth in the Brewing Sciences lab at UC Davis.

Radio New Zealand

Radio New Zealand – Playing Favourites

Spent the morning on New Zealand Radio’s Saturday morning broadcast of Playing Favourites with Kim Hill.


Semi-Permanent Wellington

Kicking-off a week of inspiration and storytelling in advance of Semi-Permanent Wellington.


2013 Food Film Festival NYC

The Food Film Festival shows the best food films AND serves the dishes while you watch. I’m honored to have two official selections and can’t wait to be there in the Fall.


Tales From Behind The Counter

One of the best things about culinary filmmaking is getting behind the counter with the experts and learning a few new tricks.

Dawn Sumner on Mars

A Mystery Map for Online Content

Can a collection of mystery novels from the 1930′s reveal lessons on how to captivate an online audience?


California & Edible Insects from the U.N.

The United Nations just published a report outlining insects as a viable food option while I’m in the woods eating beetles with the “Indiana Jones of Bugs.”


Designing Lucid Dreams with Cinema In Mind

Designing experiential projects is a lot like directing: the most magical moments emerge spontaneously and your job is to cultivate that spirit while staying on the rails.

Patrick / Matt Skype

Working with A Universal Language

Shoot Magazine chats about the Onward California Stories branded content series and my work with Patrick, a deaf professor of linguistics at UC Berkeley.


Dream Sequences Through the Minds Eye

Trust your memory? Maybe you shouldn’t. Minority Report comes around.


A Cold One on Cool Material

Cool Material offers up some free advice to High School guidance counselors. (It’s all about the beer.)


Cool Hunting Sensorium

Cool Hunting spends some time in the Sephora Sensorium and reports on multisensory experiences.


R.I.P. King of Pop

Portraits from the Michael Jackson memorial service in downtown L.A.

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