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Glyph / Speechless Video & Generative Software Installation

"The weightiest think piece is ultimately Matt Checkowski’s 'Glyph'... a reminder of time’s fleeting quality and the speed at which modern language is evolving." Dallas Observer

Sephora Sensorium Interactive Perfume Exhibition

“I haven't seen anything so exciting in the industry in twenty years.” PETE BORN, EDITOR IN CHIEF, WWD

A Univeral Language Documentary Short Film

Honoree, Documentary Individual Episode The Webby Awards

Minority Report Feature Film Dream Sequences

“Steven Spielberg gathered a team of America's best futurists to figure out what the world might look like in 50 years. They ended up getting a lot right.” Vice News Tonight

Lies And Alibis / The Alibi Feature Film

"Stylish, witty and absorbing, Lies & Alibis recalls the Thin Man movies of the late 1930s, yet is decidedly fresh and contemporary." Rotten Tomatoes

Death And The Powers Live Performance / Opera Media Content

“The emotion and intensity of the media content felt as vivid and present as the feelings of the actual humans.” Wall Street Journal

Tastemakers Branded Content Series

“If you need proof of coffee practiced as an obsession, art form and science, this quick video —a ‘how-to’ on making a cup of espresso— is Exhibit A.” Gear Patrol

Onward California Documentary Web Series

“For all of our history, there have always been people going out to find something new, learn something new, then bring it home to share and expand culture. That’s what science is all about.” DAWN SUMNER, MARS CURIOSITY GEOLOGIST

Stony Brook University ‘Far Beyond’ Comprehensive Branding & Fundraising Campaign

ESPN Monday Night Football Network Launch Branding

Walker Art Center 75th Anniversary

The Making of Rock Band 2 Branded Content Series

Matt Checkowski is an award-winning designer, visionary filmmaker, gifted storyteller and experienced entrepreneur.

Matt moves fluidly across industries, art forms, and technologies to create work that changes the way people see—and engage—the world. Unbound by convention, he has collaborated with brands and corporations, cultural and civic entities, celebrities and iconoclasts to bring dynamic, deeply human perspectives to a global audience. Matt’s unique ability to innovate how we experience the story of our collective existence opens a portal to a new world view and is driven by his mission to expand human curiosity, moving us closer to a deeper understanding of each other and ourselves.

Matt’s diverse body of work, both personal and that of his studio, The Department of the 4th Dimension, features ground-breaking projects that speak for themselves: He was the creative force behind the dream sequences in Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report; he directed the feature film, Lies & Alibis, starring Steve Coogan and Rebecca Romijn, as well as dozens of non-fiction films that uncover and celebrate the stories of visionary thinkers and creators, from Wall Street titans and astrophysicists, to World Champion Baristas and Michelin-starred chefs; he created a first-of-its-kind interactive perfume museum in NYC for Sephora; and he designed the digital media content for MIT’s science-fiction opera at l’Opera de Monte Carlo.

Most recently, Matt was a featured artist in Speechless, a group exhibition by the Dallas Museum of Art and High Museum of Art, where he introduced Glyph, a hybrid video and A.I. software artwork that translates speech into a new, visual language made live from trending images on the internet. The work is now a part of the DMA’s permanent collection.

A leading voice on the convergence of design, storytelling, and technology, Matt and his projects have been profiled in the NY Times, LA Times, Wall Street Journal, Wired, Popular Science, and Refinery29, and recognized at the Webby Awards, Vimeo Awards, One Show, FiFis and the Food Film Festival.